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6th CAD
Sketchbook or Art Journaling: Starting with a strong image
Make your own Sketchbook or Art Journal
Foam Printmaking (March)
Foil Embossing (Jan/Feb)
Mixed Media Polar Bears (Jan)
6th Visual: Analogous Watercolor spiral (Dec)
6th Grade Visual Art: Winter Landscapes (Dec)
6th Grade Design: Digital Cartoon Selfies (Nov)
6th Grade Visual Art: Watercolor Sugar Skulls (Oct)
6th Grade Visual Art: Introduction to Sketchbooks (Oct-June)
6th Grade Visual Art: African Clay Masks (Sept/Oct)
6th Grade Visual Art: David Hale inspired Animals (Sept/Oct)
6th Grade Visual: 1 Point Perspective
6th Visual Art; Metal Tooling and Embossing
6th Visual: Painted Magnolias
6th Visual: Paper Molas
6th Visual Arts: African Clay Masks
6th Visual Art: Chalk Polar Bears (Dec)
6th Grade Design: Photography Clips Videos
Inclusion In Action Month: What is your Superpower? (Nov)
6th Visual Arts: Watercolor Leaf Print Mandalas (Nov)
6th Grade DESIGN: Photography Unit on World Ready Traits (Oct/Nov)
Kandinsky Rainbow Skies
6th Grade VISUAL ARTS: Kandinsky inspired Rainbow Skies (Aug/Sept/Oct)