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5th CAD
Sketchbook or Art Journaling: Starting with a strong image
Make your own Sketchbook or Art Journal (March)
5th Grade Visual Art: Wenzel Hablik Alternative Universe (March)
Public Service Announcement: Water Crisis-Clips, iMovie, Garage Band & Flip Grid (March)
Clay Pinch Pot Animals (March)
Origami Dragon Eyes (Feb)
5th Visual: Movement Fish (Jan)
5th Grade Visual: Introduction to Sketchbooks (Nov-June)
5th Design: Mood, Emotions & Lighting Clips videos
5th Grade Design: Photography Unit on Mood, Emotions & Lighting (Nov/Dec)
5th Visual Arts: Inclusion in Action (Nov)
5th Visual: Inclusion In Action-YouTube video 2
5th Visual Art: Inclusion In Action- YouTube Video
5th Visual Art: Spooky Silhouette Houses (Oct)
5th Grade Visual: Sumi Ink Club Collaborative Drawing
5th Grade Visual Art: Lines and Landscapes Watercolor (Sept)
5th Grade Visual Arts: Clay Pinch Pot Animals
5th grade Visual Arts: Watercolor Geometric Hearts
5th Visual Arts: Cityscape Printmaking (Jan.)
5th Visual Arts: Oil Pastel Origami Dragon Eyes (Dec)
5th Visual Arts- Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (Dec)
Inclusion In Action Month: What is your Superpower? (Nov)
5th Visual Arts- Falling Leaves (Nov)
5th Design: Photography- How to Show Emotion and Mood
5th Grade DESIGN: Photography Unit on Mood, Emotion & Lighting (Oct/Nov)
5th Grade VISUAL ARTS: Line Landscapes (Sept/Oct)