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4th CAD
4th Visual: Chalk Stencil Landscapes (March)
4th Visual: Gunslinger and Outlaw Portraits (Feb)
4th Visual: Zentangle Hearts (Feb)
Clay Coil Pots (Jan)
4th Visual: Watercolor Oil Pastel Resist Chinese Dragons (Jan)
4th Visual: Watercolor Snowflakes (Dec)
4th Design: Photography Clips Videos-Biomes
4th Design: Photography Unit-Clips photostories
4th Grade Design: Photography Unit on Biomes
4th Grade Visual Art: Inclusion In Action (Nov)
4th Visual: Inclusion In Action-YouTube video 2
4th Visual Art: Inclusion In Action- YouTube Video
4th Grade Visual: Spooky Silhouette Houses
4th Grade Visual Art: Introduction to Sketchbooks (Oct-June)
4th Visual Arts: Sumi Ink Club Collaborative Art (Sept/Oct)
4th Grade Visual Art: Japanese Notan Designs (Sept/Oct)
4th Visual Arts: Symbols of California (Sept)
4th Grade Visual Art: Symmetrical Chalk Insects
4th Visual Arts: Chalk Desert Landscapes
4th Visual Arts: Glazing coil pots
4th Visual Arts: Ojo de Dios
4th Visual Art: Gunslingers and Outlaws Portrait (March/April)
4th Visual Art: Watercolor Chinese Dragons
4th Visual Arts: Zentangle Hearts (Feb)
4th Visual Art: Russo inspired Chalk Paint Tigers (Jan)
4th Visual Arts: Watercolor Jellyfish (Dec)
4th Visual Arts-Paper Kaleidoscopes (Nov/Dec)
Inclusion In Action Month: What is your Superpower? (Nov)
4th DESIGN: Photography Unit- Biomes, Plants and Animals (Oct./Nov)
4th Grade: VISUAL ARTS- Mexican Folk Art Cats (Sept/Oct)