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2nd CAD
2nd Visual: Alpine Trees (Dec.)
2nd Visual: Coffee filter Snowflakes (Dec)
2nd Visual Art: Inclusion In Action Painting (Nov.)
2nd Visual: Inclusion In Action-YouTube video 2
2nd Visual Art: Inclusion In Action- YouTube Video
2nd Visual Art: Mixed Media Fall Owls (Oct/Nov)
2nd Visual Art: Chalk Pastel Pumpkins (Sept/Oct)
2nd Visual Art: All About Me Line Sculptures (Sept)
2nd Visual Art: Value Jellyfish (June)
2nd Visual Arts: Watercolor Rockets
2nd Visual Arts: Clay Family Plaques
2nd Visual Arts: Mexican Ponchos
2nd Visual Art: Rodrique inspired Blue Dog (March)
2nd Visual Arts: Watercolor Polar Bears
2nd Visual Arts: Kandinsky Hearts
2nd Visual Arts- Klee inspired Castle and Sun (Jan.)
2nd Visual Arts: Snowy Alpine Trees (Dec)
Inclusion In Action Month: What is your Superpower? (Nov)
2nd Grade: DESIGN- Photography Unit: Biomes (Sept/Oct/Nov)
2nd Grade: VISUAL ARTS- All About Me Line Sculptures (Aug/Sept)