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1st CAD
1st Visual: Spring Flower Garden (March)
1st Visual: Watercolor planets (March)
1st Visual: Chalk Koalas (Feb-March)
1st Visual: Romero Britto inspired Hearts (Jan-Feb)
1st Visual: Rousseau inspired Tigers Hiding in the Jungle (Jan)
1st Visual: Stylized Reindeer (Dec)
1st Visual Art: Snowmen Looking Up (Dec)
1st Visual Art: Inclusion In Action Painting
1st Visual: Inclusion In Action-YouTube video 2
1st Visual Art: Inclusion In Action- YouTube Video
1st Design: Photography & All About Me Presentation (Nov/Dec)
1st Design: Photography Mission (Nov)
1st Visual Art: Midnight Crayon Batik Pumpkins (Oct)
1st Grade Visual Art: Mixed Media Fish (Sept/Oct)
1st Grade Visual: Shape Robot Collage (June)
1st Visual Arts: Glazing clay pinch pots (May/June)
1st Visual Arts: Monet inspired Water Lilies (May)
1st Visual Arts: Saguaro and Prickly Pear Cactus (April/May)
1st Visual Arts: Rousseau inspired Tigers (March/April)
1st Visual Art: Watercolor Hot Air Balloons (Feb/March)
1st Visual Art: LOVE printmaking (Jan/Feb)
1st Visual Art: Happy Penguin Collage (Dec-Jan)
1st Visual Art: Watercolor Coral Reef Fish (Dec)
1st Visual Arts: Clay Pinch Pots (Nov/Dec)
Inclusion In Action Month: What is your Superpower? (Nov)
1st Grade: DESIGN- Photography Unit- "All About Me" (Sept/Oct)
1st Grade: VISUAL ARTS-Dot Day, Kandinsky Concentric Circles, Painted Paper Flowers (Aug/Sept)