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Yoga practice can be done anytime and anywhere
World Readiness Skills & Character Traits Books
Copy of Calm Down Jar.pdf
Yoga Centers
World Readiness and Character Traits Reading Center
Yoga Dice Center
Yoga Centers and Self Regulation photos
Yoga Centers this week
Altruism and Appreciation Activities
June Yoga
May and June PE
2nd Annual OPE Olympics
2nd Annual OPE Olympics!
2nd- 3rd Resourceful Activity
April and May Yoga
March & April PE
Two Hands Are Better Than One Activity
Rainy PE Day - Food Pyramid & Nutrition Lesson
Rainy PE Days
February Yoga
February Relay Race
February PE
January PE
Body of Optimism activity
4th-6th grade Body of Optimism group activity
January Yoga
Perseverance Activities
Gratitude Soup Kinder-1st Appreciation Activity
Yoga goal stars 3rd-4th grades
Perseverance Quote Activity 5th-6th grades
October- December Yoga
November PE
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September PE
September Yoga