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Health and Wellness
Altruism and Appreciation Activities
June Yoga
May and June PE
2nd Annual OPE Olympics
2nd Annual OPE Olympics!
2nd- 3rd Resourceful Activity
April and May Yoga
March & April PE
Two Hands Are Better Than One Activity
Rainy PE Day - Food Pyramid & Nutrition Lesson
Rainy PE Days
February Yoga
February Relay Race
February PE
January PE
Body of Optimism activity
4th-6th grade Body of Optimism group activity
January Yoga
Perseverance Activities
Gratitude Soup Kinder-1st Appreciation Activity
Yoga goal stars 3rd-4th grades
Perseverance Quote Activity 5th-6th grades
October- December Yoga
November PE
Get to Know Me!
About Me:
September PE
September Yoga