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Explain 1 -4: Overview...of this portion of the unit...
EXPLAiN 1:Attack on Pearl Harbor - History Channel Documentary
EXPLAIN 1: History of the Bill of Rights (an interactive class dramatic reading)
EXPLAIN 1: Presentation to introduce court system and Korematsu case (not designed for a single class session)
EXPLAIN !: Notes for slides 1-10 (from Literacy and the Law site)
EXPLAIN 1: ICivics Game..."Court Quest"
EXPLAIN 2: Yuki's Experience - Scene 1 of 3
EXPLAIN 3: Student QFT - Media Sources of Japanese-American Camp experiences
EXPLAIN 3: Government film about the Camps
EXPLAIN 3: Public film released in theatres
EXPLAIN 3: Takei (primary source)
EXPLAIN 3: Using family primary source artifacts